911 Emergency Services

MOVAC partners with municipalities, counties, and agencies to provide 24 hour emergency 911 coverage to communities we serve.


Our emergency crews have years of experience overseeing emergency medical services to their communities and are well trained to render aid to those who they service. Our teams are Caring, professional EMTs and paramedics that work with local first responders and agencies to tailor our services and ensure every community has the best possible level of care that we can provide.

Firefighter Rehabilitation

MOVAC offers firefighter rehabilitation to Fire Departments in our service area.  By deploying our Scene Support Unit, we offer advanced specialized care at the scene of structure fires.  Our Scene Support Unit can also be utilized at high acuity complex incident scenes including mass casualty or multi-agency response scenes.    


Private Medical Transport

Patients in hospitals, home health care facilities, assisted living, and nursing homes can require medical attention and monitoring during transport. We also offer pre-arranged transport, partnering with local facilities with emergency and non-emergency options.


MOVAC is equipped with the latest technology and trained, compassionate EMTs, Paramedics, and staff to guarantee patients are transported as safe as possible, with as much comfort as we can provide. We also work personally with individual patients and health care facilities to ensure each patient has the personalized care they require.  


To schedule nonemergancy transport, please call 315.866.3226. 

Training and Education

MOVACs top priority is the the health and safety of our communities. In the areas we serve, we offer complimentary CPR and first-aid classes to local schools, businesses and government agencies, upon request. MOVAC is committed to proactively improving the health of our communities.


We also partner with our local community college, Herkimer College, to assist with the Paramedic Course at their facility. We help educate and train the next generation of emergency response professionals.

Gator Response and Event Medical Services

MOVAC offers ambulance services for special events, sports facilities and other venues. We provide short-term contracts for one-time or annual events, including standby service and first aid. We also offer long-term contracts for larger venues with multiple events throughout the year. 

Mobile Response Team (MRT)

MOVACs Mobile Response Team (MRT) provides tactical medical services and is dual deployed with Herkimer Police Department's Special Response Team (SRT).  The SRT is in collaboration with both the Herkimer Police Department and the Mohawk Police Department.  MOVACs MRT members are trained and qualified for tactical medical situations as a means for officer preservation and immediate high threat casualty care.