Founded in Mohawk, NY, Mohawk Valley Ambulance Corp. provides the clinical excellence in emergency and non-emergency medical care to the communities it serves. Our ambulances are equipped with the latest medical equipment and technology. Each ambulance is staffed with trained paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) ready to ensure that our patients have the best care possible.

     Our first due response area was 66 sq. miles with a permanent resident population of 15,451 residents (2010 US Census). In 2016, S & S Ambulance of Dolgeville, NY was dissolved into MOVAC. This led to the most recent expansion of our territory, which now stands at 266 sp. miles and a permanent resident population of 21,353 (2010 US Census).

     The Mohawk Valley Ambulance Corp. (MOVAC) is located in the Village of Mohawk, Herkimer County, NY. We border the Village of Ilion to our west. We are approximately 234 mi. north of New York City and 75 miles west of Albany, NY. We are anchored along the Mohawk River Valley (Erie Canal) with the Village of Mohawk on the south side of the river and the Village of Herkimer on the north side. We serve both villages and our primary response area is suburban in nature with the remainder being mostly rural. Herkimer is the county seat and also home to the Herkimer County College with 3300 students scattered in on-campus housing and off  campus.

     In addition, we have a large volume of vehicular and commercial truck traffic on the 8 miles of New York Thruway (I-90) that borders our response area. There are several bridges crossing the Erie Canal/Mohawk River and more than 2 million rail-car shipments moving through our area annually on our rail lines.

     We are a stand-alone, non-affiliated EMS agency operating as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization. We are a department comprised of around 50 personnel: both ALS and BLS providers, with an all volunteer board of directors and non-paid officers.

     We provide all local BLS/ALS transport services on a 24/7/365 basis and we also provide mutual aid to other surrounding towns and villages. We also provide rehab services to all area Fire Departments during structural fires, hazmat incidents and/or at their request. MOVAC has 10 members who hold EMT-B status and 16 who are certified at Paramedic level. We are fully compliant with all currently mandated NIMS requirements with all members certified at ICS-100, 200, and 700 and our department uses ICS protocols. We work from one centrally located station and typically staff 3- ALS ambulances during normal business hours and 2- ALS ambulances thereafter. 

     We also provide standby ambulance requests to many local events county fairs, snowmobile and motorcycle races, etc, and we are a proud sponsor of the Boilermaker. 

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